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biscuit confectionary grade malt extract

Biscuit confectionary grade malt extract

20 Jul

What is Biscuit confectionary grade malt extract?

A Biscuit confectionary grade malt Extract is a Rich source of Minerals, Vitamins B and Amino Acids. Vitamins B are necessary for metabolizing the carbs, Protein and fat in food into energy. 

The biscuit confectionary grade malt extract contains no starch.

Infact our biscuit confectionary grade malt extracts are 100 % natural and has a wide colour range of bake-stable, natural colours and colouring concentrates in liquid or powder form.

What is the biscuit confectionary grade malt used in?

The main purpose or application of the malt extract is for lending a unique flavour and sweetness. It also adds a pleasing natural aroma in food products being used in. 

In other bakery applications, for example; the savoury cheese biscuits, they enhance the texture, adding crisp. 

The malt extracts are the key ingredient in baking formulations. It has dough conditioning properties that can be attained in place of less natural or more costly ingredients.

When developing confectionary products, the chef’s team can rely on malt’s functional attributes and take advantage of a comprehensive range of specialty malts and malt extracts in terms of of colour and flavour.

Although malt’s value as a natural dough conditioner was not widely recognized in the past, it is catching on. 

Light-coloured standard and specialty diastatic malts at 0.5%-3% are excellent for basic dough conditioning in a yeast-risen dough. Taking the amount up to 5% suits pretzels and crackers. 

Although it takes the maker’s experimentation and experience for the quantity of the malt to be used but typically these malts can be used at levels of up to 25% in cooked puddings, pie fillings, cakes and brownies, and up to 35% in dark chocolate semisweet cakes, fudge-type brownies and cake items.

How is the malt Extract made? Is it a safe product?

The malt extract is obtained after an infusion of malted barley at mild temperature. During the treatment, the starch is converted in to maltose thus allowing to obtain a honey like consistency product after filtration. 

This barley malt extract is high quality because it is a pure extract of barley malt. 

What is the appearance of the product?

A viscous liquid amber or yellowish brown in colour. Free from any adulterants, off odour, foreign flavour and impurities.

What is the shelf life of the product?

We are constantly working towards making a longer shelf life for all our products so as to avoid wastage and lend a comfort to mass order the product. 

Currently our biscuit grade malt extract has a shelf life of 12 months if kept  under 25 degree Celsius in a cool dry place.