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is there malt based food in india

Is there malt based food in India

27 Aug

In order to have a regular intake of Barley malt extract in your diet one must understand and know what it is first.  One often doesn’t know the details or benefits of the minutest ingredient in there everyday diet. Barley Malt extract is often used in beer brewing, however a lot of other food products have been introduced to the same ingredient. Its manufacturing starts with the germination of barley seeds in a method known as malt, the immersion of eggs in water to promote the plant to sprout, and the drying of the eggs to stop the advancement when the sprouting starts. You might have heard of Barley Malt powder or syrup, which are two forms of Barley Malt Extract.

Barley malt syrup is an unprocessed sweetener created by removal from sprouted, i.e. malted, barley, which contains about 65% maltose, 30% complicated carbohydrate, 3% protein. Malt syrup is dark brown, dense and sticky with a powerful characteristic taste defined as "malty." It is about half as nice as white sugar that is processed. Barley malt syrup is sometimes used to create a malt taste in conjunction with other natural sweeteners.

The other form of Malt Extract is Barley malt powder, which is a sweet, light yellow powder. It is somewhat acidic in nature along with being very hygroscopic and free flowing. It mixes easily into hot or cold water.

There are number of benefits of taking Barley malt extract. In case you are wondering malt based food in India is readily available. Malt extract has sufficient amount of B Vitamins, amino acids and it is great for healthy bones.

You might be surprised to know that if you have been giving your child Horlics Powder, it has malt extract and has been considered as one of the best powders to help children become physically stronger. There is no stopping you in having it during your adult life. You get multi-grain malt, which is great and healthy and is the best protein supplement. Brainkey Gold Malt is very useful in the therapy of neurosis of depression and mental exhaustion. It helps to considerably enhance IQ rates, overall capacity, behavioral habits, and children's mental concentration. Vertigo, anxiety, headache, psycholepsy, memory loss (age-associated are all diseases which have been known to be relieved by this product.