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a heart healthy mix malt extract

A heart healthy mix Malt Extract

31 Jul

Malt extract is known to reduce the risk of heart problems by helping to lower cholesterol. Malt is a heart-healthy mix that contains fiber, potassium, and vitamin B6, which together lower cholesterol and decrease the risk of cardiac disease.The carbohydrates present in the malted food drinks are largely broken down due to which they are easy to digest for humansMalt is considered as a unique beneficial product that empowers the food and beverage industries to produce an exclusive palette of flavor, color, and texture which is highly nutritious as part of a balanced diet.

Malt based food and beverage are not only limited to adding flavor or color but also serves as a base product or raw material for several industries such as baby food, health supplements, and protein-rich foods. With the growing demand for malt based food items and supplements, the Malt ingredients market is expected to grow simultaneously

Malt is the product that is obtained from germinated barley. Malted barley powder manufacturers first soften barley after cleaning by steeping with water and then allowed to germinate under controlled conditions. After that germinated grain undergoes the stages of drying, grinding, extracting, filtering, and evaporating, to produce Malt Extract with 78 to 80% solid content. So basically, Malt extract is sugar extracted from malted grain.
Malt Extract’s Natural Health Benefits
Athletic Recovery: Today, malt extract is gaining renewed attention as a naturally-functional ingredient that packs a host of powerful intrinsic health benefits - one reason that, among other uses, athletes are increasingly relying on malt extract-based beverages to replenish and recover.

Sweetener with Substance: Malt extract is not an empty sugar. When used as a sweetener, it is a functional ingredient that serves as a source of antioxidants, essential amino acids, vitamins and minerals, and is made with whole grains. Not only this, malt extract also  has a significantly lower glycemic index than table sugar.
Boosts Happiness: Malt extract might actually make you happy! Malt extract contains Hordenine, a plant-based, naturally occurring compound that can lift your spirits. Hordenine was shown to activate the dopamine D2 receptor, the brain’s reward center, which leads to this “feel-good” effect. It has also been noted to sharpen mental focus and heighten energy levels.
Supports Digestive Health:  Another benefit is that it can be good for your gut. Malt extract is a rich source of soluble fiber, which helps improve digestion by increasing good bacteria and minimizing bad bacteria. Studies show malt extract facilitates the growth of probiotic cultures that can enhance digestive health by supporting the good bacteria that lines the gut. This can be helpful in preventing illness and promoting essential nutrient absorption, enhancing overall health.

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